Create a free website

Create a free website
August 28

There are various ways to create a free website on the Internet. On some sites, you can set up your site by signing up for a ready website template without any programming knowledge, and you can easily modify the content in the admin panel provided to you.

However, in this blog we will talk about developing a free site using CMS such as wordpress, joomla opencart, datalife engine, and so on.

To create a website, you first need domain and hosting. You can find enough free first-level and second-level domains and hostings on the Internet. For this you can type "free domains" or "free hosting" in search engines individually to get both of them individually or combine them, or use third-party domains of companies offering free hosting.

What should I look for when I receive free hosting?

Typically, companies offering free hosting can place ads on any part of your site when you create a site. Also, make sure that your hosting has MySQL support. We recommend that you read the hosting information carefully when purchasing free hosting.

How to build a website after getting free domain and hosting?

Most hosting companies can install CMS in a single click on the admin panel (cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.). If this is not possible, you should visit the official CMS sites mentioned above and upload them in the archive (zip, rar, tar, etc.). Then you need to upload that archive to your host folder (usually in the form of pulblic_html or root.) After uploading, you must select that archive and give the command "extract files" from the archive. After you extract the files from the archive, you will see that the CMS files are grouped into one folder.

I prepared the files in a folder, what's next?

The next step is to create a MySQL database and a MySQL user to create the data. Create a MySQL database in the admin panel provided by your hosting, then create and give a password to MySQL user name. Enter the created user name from your admin panel into that database (MySQL database) and save.

I have prepared MySQL data, what should I do now?

Now you have to open the folder where you placed the CMS in your web browser. In some CMS you just need to open the folder to install them, and in some you have to write "/ install" after the folder.

Once you open that folder, you will be able to enter your personal information, some other small details, instantly installing any template, entering MySQL data, setting the username, password for the admin panel and other steps are presented. After completing these steps, the CMS installation will be complete and when you type the domain name of your site in your web browser, you will see the default CMS template. This means that you have already created your own website for free.

I created my website, how do I make changes now?

Once your website is ready, you can access the admin panel provided by CMS by entering the username and password you set when installing the CMS. Each CMS has its own add-on to access the admin panel (for example, in wordpress you can enter "/wp-admin" at the end of the folder where the CMS is located).

By accessing the admin panel, you can use the CMS ready templates, without programming knowledge, to change website designs, create menus, and edit pages according to your preference.

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