What is a domain?

What is a domain?
August 27

A domain is a domain name space on the Internet.

The domain name means the domain name. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers within a domain. The full name of the domain is made up of the names of all domains separated by dots and represents the address of any website published on the Internet.

For example, the domain en.wemob.az.org refers to the third-level domain, which in turn refers to the second-level wemob domain, and wemob to the first-level domain.

Because of the difficulty in remembering the IP addresses of the sites in the digital form, these addresses are replaced by domain names through the DNS system.

Thus, the domain name is the address that allows any Internet user to visit the site.

National domains - .az, .ru, .us and others.

ccTLD is an international organization that monitors and manages domain names in national zones. As you can see, each country has a special domain name that matches it. For example, AZ is the domain of Azerbaijan adopted on the Internet and endorsed by the UN International Standards Organization. National domain in Germany - DE, Russia - RU, USA - US, Turkey - TR and so on. adopted.

Functional domains - .com, .org, .net, .info and others.

gTLD is an international organization that monitors and manages domain names and IP addresses in domain.

Functional domains are defined depending on the activity of the Internet resource.

Functional domains can be classified as follows:

com - for commercial organizations

org - for non-profit organizations

edu - for educational institutions

biz- for entrepreneurship

gov - for state and local authorities

info - for the media

name - for individuals

net - for organizations and projects involved in the development of the Internet.

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